Our program is designed to build the students' ability to live independently in the community. To do this, we create opportunities for them to be in the community, learning how to access community resources and interact with the public in normal settings.


We help students in three key areas; 

  • Social skills, particularly developing lasting friendships
  • Life skills, such as grocery shopping and preparing meals
  • Basic job skills, such as arriving on time for work, talking with fellow employees and customers

Community focus

Throughout the year, current events within the local community provide topic matter for our students' activities and learning. We try to highlight what is going on around them each week in art, music and entertainment.

One week we may go to the Gallivan Center for music in the park and enjoy our sack lunches. The next week we may be off to the Gateway to admire art at Chalkfest. Or, we may be studying astronomy and then visit the Clark Planetarium.

These are just some of the weekly events to keep our students engaged and excited about learning.

Lasting relationships

'Making friends and learning' is our motto at the Center. We believe it's important for our students to build lasting friendships with their peers. For that reason, we limit the number of students at the Center to ten on any one day. This small number provides an ideal setting for students to connect with others and build meaningful relationships.

Over the years, we have watched as students create lifelong friendships when they might otherwise have been unable to.

Students are sure to make friends and have fun at the Center.



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