A special environment

Lifelong Learning Center is located in a space within the Barton's family business, Commercial Lighting Supply. This creates a unique opportunity for the students to make friends with the employees of Commercial Lighting Supply as well as their peers in the program.

The students regularly interact with the employees and customers. They are welcome in all areas of the building at all times.

A customized, flexible program

Lifelong Learning Center is a small program with flexible activities that are customized to match the needs of each student. Typical enrollment ranges from five to ten students per day, with one full-time and one part-time teacher. This makes for an effective student to staff ratio of 5 to 1. The students are all similar in age and abilities.

A respite for caregivers

Lifelong Learning Center also provides a welcome respite for caregivers and parents. By the time their students reach this age, many parents are simply worn out. Lifelong Learning Center provides a place to send their students where they know they will be safe and continue to make progress.

Our History

Meet the Staff

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